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Design Your Own Music Magazine

In groups of three you are going to work on the project. Remember you must include vocabulary related to music. To create our magazine you will use the tool Glossi. Log in through Facebook with the email account and password I gave you.

Picture by Stux.

Your magazine is going to be divided into five different sections:

5. REVIEW (include the ones you have already written).

Your cover page should have a title (try to be original), a picture and subtitles related to the articles you are going to include in your magazine.

Write ten different questions and ask them to your classmates, friends or family. This is an example:

How often do you listen to these kinds of music?

How often do you go to concerts?

Why do you listen to music?

·Because it is relaxing.

·Because it helps me to concentrate when I'm doing homework/ working.

·Because it makes you feel happy.

Write the results and record the conversations using Soundcloud. Ask some follow-up questions. For example, if the question is Have you ever been to a concert? You should ask other questions to get more information, like What group played? When was it? Did you enjoy it?

A cool music magazine always includes a Top 5 section which is, basically, the five favourite tracks people have chosen, in this way your Music Magazine should also have one.

In your Top 5, you will have to select 5 songs you like and explain to the rest of the class:

1. Who is the band playing them?

2. What is the song about?

3. I really should keep this in mind providing ESL teaching is my profession. Nevertheless, I wouldn't tend treating anything as it were being carved in stone nor must you. This is an fascinating approach though and could be worth more talk. We should get back to it and find out how far we'll arrive through rolling this further.Why have you chosen this song?

You can play the songs in class (up to a minute) so that we can discuss what the song is about.

For the interview, you will have to choose an artist from the ones that you will talk about in your magazine. Write the questions and record the interview using  Soundcloud.

·         - Who do you usually dedicate your songs to?

·         - Why have you decided to call your album “…”?

      You have already done this part, so you just need to copy it into your  magazine.

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