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Creating our own restaurant

I have got a small pre-teens group this year and I'm finding very difficult to engage them in class. They want to play games all the time and don't like writing, so when I saw them working and enjoying this project, I couldn't believe my eyes!

Step 1 – Restaurant selection

What KIND OF RESTAURANT is it going to be? A Chinese restaurant? A Mexican restaurant? An English restaurant?

     Now you need a NAME and a LOGO for it so that people remember it.

Step 2 – Create your own menu.

o   Starters

o   Main courses

o   Side dishes

o   Drinks

o   Desserts

-     Brainstorm different dishes that you are going to include in your menu.

-    Include a short description of what each meal is (e.g.
I ought to keep this in mind considering EFL activities is my bread and butter. However, I would not tend treating something that it had been carved in stone nor should you. This is an interesting approach though and might be worth additional discussion. Let us get return to it to see how far we are going to get through moving this further. FISH AND CHIPS – an English meal made from fried potatoes and fish).

-        Include the price in pounds or dollars.

Step 3 – Create a radio ad.

Now that you have created your own menu, it’s time to advertise your restaurant to encourage customers to come in and enjoy a delicious meal there.


Step 4 – Dining Out. 

Create a short dialogue and act out a conversation in the restaurant. Two of you will be the customers and one will be the waiter or waitress.


Thanks for staying with me through this piece. I hope you did not mind spending your time on it. If you liked it there are far more about English as a second language and similar topics on here. Be sure to check them out when you remember and in case you've any opinion on this comment your ideas below.

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